Hello blogging world!!

Hello all,

My name is Kathleen and this is my first blog. I am interested in history and culture and plan to be sharing my thoughts, discoveries and reviews on historical and cultural topics in and around London.

I write reviews for the Culture24 website which you can see here.

I have also written a couple of blogs for the Science Museum collection blog, Stories from the Stores, when I was working on a mobile phone project there.
One was commenting on the importance of the battery in our modern mobile world, with a brief look at its history. Find out more here.
The Second was on the Rabbit Phone, don’t worry it’s not anything rude (though the other type of rabbit is in the Science Museum collection). The Rabbit Phone worked as a Telepoint service and is one of the blips in our technological past, a brief interlude before mobile phones became popular. Learn more here.
If anyone has spotted any traces of the Rabbit Phone or any of the other Telepoint services I would be very interested, so let me know!!

Speak to you again soon.


2 Responses to Hello blogging world!!

  1. colin stolkin says:

    Attempted response via Frankenstein NT posting – not sure worked.

  2. kathleenmcil says:

    It’s up now. Think I had to approve it. Thanks for visiting my little blog!


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