Traces of the Kensington Hippodrome

In a walk around the back streets of Ladbroke Grove I discovered the remaining evidence of the 19th century racecourse, the Kensington Hippodrome, which I’ve blogged about before. Tucked away in the residential area of Walmer Road opposite the Avondale Park there are Hippodrome Mews and Hippodrome Place.

These streets sit alongside the Pottery Lane, possibly one of the oldest roads in the area. This lane existed before the racecourse and was home to the many kilns and potteries and was known as a local slum. Today a large kiln still stands on Walmer Road, with a plaque noting this intriguing history.











The racecourse, though it attracted quite an elite crowd, was ultimately unsuccessful and the land was sold for property development in the 1840s. The slums were also eventually cleared as well but I think it’s fantastic that this landmark survives as a small reminder of the poverty that was endured and industry that existed in this now prominently prosperous residential area.


One Response to Traces of the Kensington Hippodrome

  1. The kiln is very interesting to me, as I have come across many cases of men (they were all men) climbing into the kilns at night to keep warm only to suffocate.

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